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We at 25dollarbanners.com specialize in Flash and Rich Media advertising and strictly follow the internet advertising industry standards. For you it means that your Flash banner can be displayed, served and tracked in any ad network and website as well as an ordinary image banner. We provide professional, optimized, standard compliant ad solutions, ensuring the widest acceptance for your banner.

According to the recent DoubleClick 2002 Full-Year Ad Serving Trends, released January, 2003, click-through rates on rich media ads (such as Flash banners) are nine times higher than those of non-rich media ads. The company found that rich media usage grew 43% during 2002.

Experts from online advertisement company Solbright: "Macromedia Flash ads enable advertisers to ... obtain tremendous click-through rates, enhancing brand recognition and ultimately increasing revenue" ("The Inside Edge: Using Macromedia Flash In Online Advertising", March 2001).

Wired Digital Rich Media study: "In the area of click rates, on average, all three advertisers participating in the study realized a 340 percent increase in user click-through with rich media (Flash is the leading rich media technology)".

In case studies Macromedia reports on 19% clickthrough rate for Macys.com flash-enabled ad!

The faster your banner loads, the more time it has to attract a response. Flash makes use of vector graphic instead of traditional bitmap images providing in the end much nicer banners than the old-fashioned animated GIF ones. Flash banners can include complex motion effects in very "light" files. They even can play sounds! Categorically, any flash banner is much more eye-catching than the average GIF banner.
Leading marketing magazine AdWeek has picked Flash as best marketing technology of today: "Flash ... lets marketers build Web sites and banners that rock and roll, literally" (November 12, 2001).
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